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You deserve to be in Costa Rica living the Pura Vida lifestyle!
Las Villas de San Buenas is one of the few Costa Rica real estate communities that is properly zoned with sidewalks, walking trails, and parks. Las Villas de San Buenas provides clients the perfect Costa Rican blend of Costa Rican "Pura vida" spirit and tranquility and yet, modern amenities are and will be available. For example, there is 3G cell phone coverage, satellite TV and soon high speed internet available. Located in the small community of San Buenaventura, in Costa Rica's lush Osa Peninsula, this Costa Rican real estate development has options for all budgets and all real estate needs.

When we purchased the land that is now Las Villas de San Buenas approximately four years ago, we made it a priority to bring the land up to a more natural and in-balance state - the way it used to be over 50 years ago. That is quite a task when you are planning a 150 acre (60 hectares) development.

We were fortunate that over 20 acres of primary and secondary forest was
(thankfully) never touched by the farmers and will continue to stay that way.
Our goal is to eventually put in a
Costa Rica macaw birds in san buenas
 walking trail so our residents can enjoy a
private walk through the jungle any time they want.

Prior to being a beautiful development, the land was previously used for two
purposes cattle and melina trees.

We all know the environmental damages that cattle cause - both in terms of
methane as well as destruction of other animal habitats. The local farmers were
working hard to survive, but now after selling their land, they can live comfortably for the rest of their lives and the land can begin to regenerate the nature growth that was there before.

Melina trees are non-indigenous to Costa Rica and a terrible tree to plant due to their rapid growth rate (1 meter/3 feet per month) and their ability to spread quickly. Even after cutting the trees down, small saplings can reappear within a matter of a week. Melina is used primarily for furniture in Costa Rica and pallets used for shipping. Melina trees do not produce any fruit or flowers and therefore, do not attract any wildlife.

We have replanted several hundred plants and trees already and we will begin planting more indigenous plant life in targeted areas by the end of 2011. We will continue this process as we complete certain phases of infrastructure and other project goals. We hope to have the entire development replanted in less than five years and will entail planting several thousand trees, flowers and other indigenous plants. We will be planting specific tree species to attract scarlet macaws (lapas in Spanish), toucans and other native birds and wildlife.

In our new design, we have added several green areas throughout the development. Take a look at the masterplan. These will have a variety of uses and, depending on the association of owners, can be used for kids’ parks, swimming pools, grilling areas or simply a garden.

We are proud to be a member of the San Buenaventura community and we look forward to sharing with you what it is like to live in paradise.

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